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Experimental Session Guidelines: access, in the lab, after the session


  • If you are a regular user of the lab, please contact the lab manager to receive permanent access to the lab via your staff/student swipe card. As a visitor or few-time-user you may borrow a swipe card from the lab manager.
  • There is a safe installed in the lab which can be used to store money. A safe key can be borrowed from the lab manager. However, please note that we take no responsibility for whatever you store in the safe. We are not insured against theft or loss.
  • There is a master password which provides access to computers etc., if needed. Please contact our IT Support to receive the password.
  • There are personalised profiles in the Fileserver. To get a profile created for you, please contact our IT support.

In the lab

  • Be in the lab some time before the session starts, as many participants show up early and may leave if they find the lab closed and empty.
  • Subject arrival: Alternates are determined either randomly or by first come first serve. First come first serve is the recommended method as it provides subjects strong incentives to arrive early.
  • Subject arrival: You will need to pay the show-up fee to every participant whom you use. However, be strict with time for those whom you turn away: we should not reward lateness. Generally, participants arriving late to the session should not receive the show-up payment (but may still be marked as a show-up in the ORSEE database if explaining and showing remorse - see below in "After the session").
  • No food is allowed for participants, no hot drinks, although water is fine. Toilets are located at the end of the next corridor, on the left. Experimenters should be careful when eating and drinking in the lab.
  • We recommend explicitly asking participants to turn off their mobile phones.
  • Remember to have participants sign the consent form approved for use in your ethics protocol. Participants should be provided with a copy of the consent form/participant information statement to keep.
  • The experiment should be conducted in a friendly but neutral atmosphere: no jokes. Written and oral instructions to participants should contain clear language that minimises the possibility of misunderstanding.
  • In case of computer problems or similar which will potentially also affect other researchers, please 1) leave a note, 2) inform our IT support, 3) inform other researchers which might be affected before the problem can be resolved.
  • Leave the lab ready to be used by the next experimenter. Researchers are responsible for removing all materials brought to the lab by them and the participants. All computers should be running the standard image after your sessions (except when you will be the first to use the lab the following day, or if no other session or test is planned before your next session).

After the session

  • Please fill in your participation data in ORSEE. This involves logging into the ORSEE system, to go to the list of participants for your sessions (click on "My Experiments"->click on your experiment's name->Scroll down to list of sessions->Find your session->Click on "Registered Subjects"), ticking the checkboxes "Shown-up" and "Participated" next to each subject name, and clicking the "Change" button to save the data.
  • If you do not have a profile in ORSEE, yet, please contact the lab manager who will be able to provide you with access details.
  • The lab tries to collect instructions and software used for experiments, for a number of purposes (documentation, for use in responding to complaints, and as examples for other researchers). Please send the lab manager any such materials that you feel comfortable sharing.

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