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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ answered the question of
Do I get paid for participating in experiments? How much? 600 persons
What is the "no-show policy"? 336 persons
What will I do in an experiment? 324 persons
What happens if I enter false information while registering in the subject pool? 301 persons
In the calendar, there are sessions with free spaces. Why am I not able to register for these times? 258 persons
Where and when do experiments take place? 226 persons
How can I cancel my enrolment for an experiment? 202 persons
What is the difference between a "Participant" and an "Alternate"? 163 persons
If I show up for an experiment but leave before it finishes, will I get charged with a no-show penalty? 156 persons
How will I be contacted about participating in an experiment? 147 persons
If I forget my UNSW ID card, will I be charged with a no-show penalty? 147 persons
How long will an experiment last? 145 persons
What is the meaning of the three question marks (???) after an experiment in the list "Experiments you participated in"? 142 persons
I just received an invitation email. Am I required to participate at this particular time? 139 persons
How does the recruiting process work? 138 persons
Who may register in the subject pool? 138 persons
I enroled in an experiment, but now I cannot enrol in any others because they all disappeared! 132 persons
Is deception used as a research technique in BizLab experiments? 127 persons

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