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Lab Guidelines

Secure funding

  • If you intend to request participants from the ORSEE participant pool, it is your responsibility to ensure you have funding available at the standard lab rates in advance of applying to conduct an experiment.
  • If you intend to utilize course credit participants, it is required that you discuss your participant requirements with the relevant contact in your school to ensure access to the participants and adherence to the UNSW policy associated with course credit assessments.
  • If you wish to award myBCom points for your experiment, please ensure that you start your application early, ideally before the relevant term commences.

Obtain ethics approval

  • UNSW ethics approval is required for all BizLab studies before lab booking; there is no 'blanket' lab approval process. Please refer to https://research.unsw.edu.au/applying-ethics-approval.
  • Please be aware of the UNSW deadlines for ethics approval, and allow sufficient time for approval to be obtained, prior to booking your research in the lab.

Ensure all required software and hardware are in place

  • If you are new to the lab, you first need to be referred by an active UG member to the BizLab Director. Once authorized to join the lab, new users should: i) carefully review lab guidelines (see BizLab Director to discuss); and ii) make an appointment with the BizLab Manager (bizlab@unsw.edu.au) for a 30 minute introductory session to the lab. Only after these initial steps are completed will card access to the lab be provided.
  • Before booking lab times, you must ensure that all software and hardware are organized and tested. If you have specific requirements in the lab, please contact the BizLab Manager (bizlab@unsw.edu.au) first. You will then be directed to the BizLab's IT advisor for expert advice.
  • Seven days prior to your first session, please send your software URL to the BizLab Manager, if applicable. New researchers may request a short consultation with the BizLab Manager at this time to familiarize themselves with the lab facilities and processes. You need to ensure your instrument functions as intended in the lab environment.
  • IT support is also available from the phone in the control room, should any technical issues arise relating to the lab facilities or lab administration system. Any research task-related issues are the responsibility of the researcher.

Lab booking request

  • You are able to schedule experimental sessions three to four weeks in advance of the first session by completing a BizLab booking request form (Please download the form) and emailing this to the BizLab Manager for review (bizlab@unsw.edu.au).
  • Please ensure you include: 1) a session for testing your research instrument in the lab; 2) any pilot sessions required; and 3) the actual experimental sessions on this form. You need to allow sufficient time between these three stages to make any modifications or conduct preliminary data analysis, prior to commencing the stage 3 experimental sessions.
  • Please be aware that the main lab accommodates 35 participants; and the secondary lab accommodates 13 participants. These lab sizes must be considered in your booking request; otherwise, the BizLab Manager will adjust your booking request to maximise lab utilization for all BizLab researchers.
  • If you are requesting morning lab sessions, please ensure the first experimental session in your booking request commences from 9am (with lab preparation time from 8:30am). If you are requesting afternoon lab sessions, please ensure the first experimental session in your booking request commences from 1pm (with lab preparation time from 12:30pm).
  • Please factor in the time for check-in and payment procedures to ensure that participants are compensated for their time spent in the Lab.
  • In general, no more than two days (equivalent) of lab session time can be booked in a given week. This guideline may be modified outside semester and/or during 'quiet' times, at the discretion of the BizLab Director – please consult the ORSEE calendar for current session bookings when applying this guideline.

Lab booking confirmation

  • The BizLab Manager will contact you if any clarifications are required regarding your booking request, or if it cannot be accepted. Please ensure you respond promptly, as any delays may impact your access to preferred session times.
  • If your booking request is accepted, the BizLab Manager will contact you to confirm your booking request and schedule experimental sessions. You will then be required to review and confirm all session times in the ORSEE calendar.

Participant recruitment

  • The BizLab Manager will recruit ORSEE pool participants seven days prior to your first session (assuming your session times have already been confirmed in advance of this date). If you have any modifications to your recruitment requirements, you must notify the BizLab Manager prior to this date (i.e., 7 days before your first session).
  • Please be aware that you may not always attract sufficient participants to fill each session. Also, not all participants who have registered for your sessions will attend/show up (i.e., 'no shows'). Regardless, you should plan on running the scheduled lab sessions, even if you do not have full capacity on the day.
  • If you are utilizing course credit participants, you will need to discuss recruitment with the relevant contact from your school.
  • You will receive an email 24 hours prior to the commencement of your sessions, notifying you that registration has closed. At this time, you may print the list of participants registered in the session from ORSEE. Occasionally participants cancel their registration at the last minute and the BizLab Manager will attempt to fill the vacancies, before the start of you session. For this reason, please print your participant list just before the start of the session.
  • Cancelling a session should be avoided to the greatest extent possible. If a session is cancelled, you will need to send polite emails to all those who registered to inform them of the cancellation. Preferably, participants should also be called by phone. Regardless of the reason for cancelling a session, the researcher is expected to attend the lab (or send their representative) at the time the session was initially scheduled, and pay the show-up fee to those who do arrive on time.

Lab access

  • Lab access is provided to all BizLab user group members.
  • For research students and research assistants requiring access to the lab, an email request must be made by their supervising faculty member to the BizLab Manager providing: i) name; ii) student ID; and iii) degree (where applicable). Fixed-term access will then be provided as follows: Hons 6 months; MPhil 12 months; PhD 'life of card'.
  • Please note: A supervising faculty member for HDR research students must also be a member of the BizLab User Group.

Lab conduct

The BizLab is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary facility that offers dedicated infrastructure for experimental researchers across the UNSW Business School. Its smooth operation is managed by an active User Group, and overseen by the BizLab Management Committee. All researchers and research assistants using the lab are expected to behave in a professional and respectful manner, both in their treatment of colleagues, research participants, and the lab facilities.
  • It is the responsibility of the researcher/s conducting an experimental session to attend to the safety and wellbeing of the participants in that session.
  • Upon completing each experimental session, it is expected that the lab be left in a neat and fully functional state. Any leftover materials brought into the lab or rubbish must be removed.
  • If any damage to lab facilities is observed or lab facilities are not found to be functioning as intended while in the lab, it is the responsibility of the researcher to notify the BizLab Manager asap.
  • Non-researchers should not be in the lab. Researchers should not be in the lab outside of experimental session conduct or preparation time, unless with express permission of the BizLab Director or BizLab Manager.
  • Any lab items or facilities (including portable technology) cannot be removed from the BizLab without written permission from the BizLab Director.

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