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The UNSW Business School Experimental Research Laboratory is used by researchers from different schools at the UNSW Business School. Here is a list of them.




Nicole AngSenior LecturerAccounting, Auditing and Taxation
Gautam BoseAssociate ProfessorEconomics
Tania BucicProfessorMarketing
Linda ChangAssociate ProfessorAccounting, Auditing and Taxation
Suzanne Chan-SerafinAssociate ProfessorManagement and Governance
Wei ChenProfessorAccounting, Auditing and Taxation
Mandy ChengProfessorAccounting, Auditing and Taxation
Mathew ChylinskiAssociate ProfessorMarketing
Isabella DobrescuProfessorEconomics
Songting DongSenior LecturerMarketing
Gigi FosterProfessorEconomics
Nitika GargProfessorMarketing
Shayne GaryProfessorManagement and Governance
Rahul GovindSenior LecturerMarketing
Markus GrothProfessorManagement and Governance
Noel HardingProfessorAccounting, Auditing and Taxation
Hien HoangSenior LecturerAccounting, Auditing and Taxation
Richard HoldenProfessorEconomics
Jing HuLecturerManagement and Governance
Kerry HumphreysProfessorAccounting, Auditing and Taxation
Christopher JacksonProfessorManagement and Governance
Veronica JiangSenior LecturerMarketing
Sam KirshnerAssociate ProfessorInformation Systems and Technology Management
Kevin KuanProgram DirectorInformation Systems and Technology Management
Junbum KwonSenior LecturerMarketing
Carmen LeongAssociate ProfessorInformation Systems and Technology Management
Valentyna MelnykProfessorMarketing
Amirali MinbashianProfessorManagement and Governance
Alberto MottaProfessorEconomics
Liem Viet NgoAssociate ProfessorMarketing
Andreas OrtmannProfessorEconomics
Elise PayzanScientia ProfessorBanking and Finance
Yee Shih PhuaSenior LecturerAccounting, Auditing and Taxation
Greg RichinsLecturerAccounting, Auditing and Taxation
Qihe TangProfessorRisk and Actuarial
Jason TayawaPostdoctoral FellowEconomics
Ken TrotmanScientia ProfessorAccounting, Auditing and Taxation
Sarah WalkerAssociate ProfessorEconomics
Brett WilliamsPostdoctoral FellowEconomics
Mary-Anne WilliamsProfessorManagement and Governance
Jason Xianghua WuLecturerInformation Systems and Technology Management
Di YangSenior LecturerAccounting, Auditing and Taxation
Yunshen YangEarly Career Academic FellowBanking and Finance
Henry YipSenior LecturerBanking and Finance
Siran ZhanSenior LecturerManagement and Governance
Jane ZhangAssociate ProfessorEconomics