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  • 48 computers in fixed stations with divider screens
  • 20 mobile computers
  • Eye-trackers: 3 Tobii TX300, 1 Tobii X3-120, 1 Tobii Glasses
  • EEG/GSR measures, heart-rate monitors
  • 6 Oculus Rift headsets
  • 2 Hololens headsets


  • Windows 10 on all computers
  • zTree installed
  • Shared folders among all Windows computers
  • Lab administration software to remotely power on/off all computers and run/stop programs
  • Firewall/fileserver management application to allow specific access to outside network


  • You must follow all license obligations of the installed and used software.
  • In particular, if you use the zTree experiment software, your academic paper must cite the following article: Urs Fischbacher (2007): z-Tree: Zurich Toolbox for Ready-made Economic Experiments, Experimental Economics 10(2), 171-178. E.g., write "The experiment was programmed and conducted with the software z-Tree (Fischbacher 2007)."

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